Has anyone found a cure or successful treatment for tinnitus?

Having tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ears, makes me feel lonely, agitated, sad, and depressed most of the time. I went to a hearing specialist, and I can hear above average with both ears, and he gave me water pills for my ears and that didn’t work. I remember the exact moment that the tinnitus started without my consent, and that started in July 2007. Ever since then, I have been suffering from this tormenting condition. I am also waiting for a prayer to be answered that the tinnitus will stop as it so easily started. Has anyone found a cure or successful treatment for tinnitus?

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  1. Imnotplayin Says:

    I too have had tinnitus for over twenty years. It hasn’t let up; I have it 24/7 and I’ve had to learn to ignore it as much as possible. There is nothing yet available that gets rid of it, but there are university studies trying to find a way to grow new hearing cells through stem cell research. Hopefully one day there will be a method to not only end tinnitus, but severe hearing loss as well.

  2. Bonal Says:

    There is actually no cure for tinnitus with the conventional medicine. Actually, since last many years, the onus has been on the herbal industry to provide relief, if any, to tinnitus sufferers.

    Valium, Xanax and Klonopin are benzodiazepine drugs that many doctors prescribe for tinnitus. These are conventional medications which achieve only limited success in tinnitus relief, and usually their bothersome side effects such as dry mouth, blurred vision, and constipation often discourage use.

    They are addicting to varying degrees and cannot be used continuously for a long period of time. They are helpful in reducing tinnitus symptoms and aid in sleeping. Valium is the most addicting of these and is not used often for this reason.

    Xanax is very popular and is prescribed often for tinnitus. However, the ATA report on medications that cause tinnitus lists Xanax as causing it in 6.6% of cases.

    Tinnitus is usually due to damage to the microscopic ends of the hearing nerve in the inner ear. Perfect hearing is possible only if these nerves remain healthy and any damage to these nerves result in tinnitus or hearing impairment.

    Some herbal remedies exist which can be used to support all body systems involved in helping the ear to perform its tasks of clear hearing and balance, as well as the circulatory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems.

    Some of the most common herbs & biochemic tissue salts used are
    • Ginkgo Biloba is excellent for a number of cerebral and circulatory disorders. It is probably the most widely-used herb for tinnitus and many sufferers swear by this natural ingredient.
    • Rosemary dilates and strengthens blood vessels and is an excellent circulation tonic. Rosemary is particularly useful for tinnitus that is caused or worsened by high blood pressure and other circulatory conditions.
    • Avena Sativa is effective in reducing high cholesterol levels which can contribute to circulatory problems which cause tinnitus.
    • Wild Hyssop s also useful in reducing pain and inflammation.
    • Salicylic Ac. (30C) is indicated for tinnitus with loud roaring or ringing sounds, which may be accompanied by deafness or vertigo. This remedy is particularly useful in people whose symptoms began with a bout of flu, Meniere’s disease or long-term use of aspirin.
    • Ferrum phosphoricum (Ferrum phos. D6) is a homeopathic biochemic tissue salt which supports the absorption of iron in the body. The protective myelin sheath which surrounds all nerve tissue needs iron to supply this vital nutrient to the nerve cells it encases. Regular use of Ferrum phos. can help to prevent dizziness, headaches and restlessness and is of great benefit for those who tend to feel irritable, tense and tired.
    • Magnesium phosphate (Mag. phos. D6) well-known as a homeopathic painkiller, Mag. phos. is also of great benefit to the health of the nerves. It acts as a natural anti-spasmodic and a nerve and muscle relaxant and is also frequently recommended for stress headaches.

    Hope all this helps

    Good Luck!

    You may check the source link below for more details on the above

  3. Daddys_girl 67 Says:

    Hi Jon;I have it also. I’ve had it for years. There is product called Qiutus on the market now. it is advertized on Tv. I don’t know if the doctors have information about this. There is a number to call. It is 1-800-733-0907. Like I said it is advertized on tv. Good lluck to all who have it. God Bless.
    Lois Crawley

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